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“Whether it’s getting a handle on extremely complicated facts before suit is filed, figuring out the best claims to assert against which potential defendants, analyzing how to collect and produce millions of electronic documents, managing discovery, dealing with political issues that inevitably arise during complex litigation, retaining the most qualified experts, defending against the endless pre-trial motions, and, of course, presenting the most compelling case possible to the jury at trial—and holding on to the favorable verdict on appeal—the Cullens Group does excellent legal work at every stage of a case. They are always accessible, well-prepared, and are relentless in getting the best results possible.”
Billy Bostick, Oklahoma Insurance Receiver / Client in the AmCare case; Louisiana Insurance Receiver / Client in the LEMIC case; Louisiana Insurance Receiver / Client in the LAHC case
“The best decision I made in my 30 years as a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee was hiring the Cullens Group to file suit in a very complex and challenging case. The Cullens Group battled one of the largest law firms in the country and almost without exception won every battle leading up the war – a hard fought contested jury trial in federal court. Their intelligent analysis, hard work, dedication and their ability to adapt on the fly and keep the case on course led to a very favorable jury verdict in our favor. Outstanding lawyers led to outstanding results!”
Carey Ebert, Texas Bankruptcy Trustee / Client in the LSI case
“Committed. Professional. Tireless. Those are just a few of the words I would use to describe the Cullens Group. Without a doubt, the Cullens Group knows how to be effective Special Litigation Counsel. Through every twist and turn of litigation, the Cullens Group provides solid, practical legal advice you can count on to get the job done. Their written work-product is without compare. And J. Cullens’ oral advocacy is outstanding. If you hire the Cullens Group, you’ll get a true partner dedicated to achieving your success.”
Marlon Harrison, Louisiana Insurance Receiver / Client in the AmCare case

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